Two drawings from this week that I liked enough to darken. Trying to break my slump.

First is the new design to Tero’s mutant form I made last year. Decided to change some parts and make his arms more “normal” and his back arms long and wavy with a claw at the tip. 
He does have a mouth on his chest….well, two of them, technically. The “snake” goes from his head to his chest. 

Second pic is Phones dressed like Volkner from Pokemon hugging its’ brand new “Shinx” which is Mutant/Monster Sparks who is fully confused about what is going on.

I also drew Phineas and Nix in their mutant forms, but chose to scrap them right now. >_>Phineas I might finish cause it’s related to the one with Sparks. I’ll see on that. 
Will be adding flats to these soon. 


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