As requested. Commission of Phineas from Plain_White. :D

Sketches from last week 2/2

Mostly chibis. Uh…I really got nothing much to add this time. XD 
The blue pencil makes my stuff look more confusing then needed. Oopies

Forgot to scan the chibi Razor I did today. Ah well. 

Anonymous asked: I'm a watcher from FA. If I'm not mistaken, you took a commission with an artist named Plain_White. Have you posted it here? If you haven't, would it be okay if you post it, please? I'm curious on how he can draw your amazing characters with his style.

Sure. I’ll post it tonight. :D 


Phin and the bufferfish for teamprototype

Phin and Bufferfish will never see eye to eye. :c

80s-game-musician asked: 10. Some of Phin's emotional shortcomings?

Easily, pride. His pride is part of why he’s so angry. So anger would be the next one. 

hfoded asked: Does Buzz have any addictions?

Oh man, I missed two ask. sorry.

Truthfully as of currently, Buzz has none. He’s a bit too much of a coward/paraoid to have one currently. I’ll think more on this and what would fit him well. 

A cool sketch commission I got from ElementalDinosaur/Raptorbane.
Tero just being Tero. :D 

Artist Appreciation #3- Hunter Bahamut
Links: Tumblr (x) DeviantArt (x) Weasyl (x)

Baha’s been a friend for quite a few years and has always been a great person. 
Like Psydok, he’s also one that has really shown much love to my cast and has taken time to know stuff on them and even asked me stuff about them over Skype pretty often. It’s really fun explaining certain things about my characters and their world and having someone openly listening is a feel good thing. 

One fun thing is the fact he lets his characters interact with mine either from small RPs or just a quick RP to a question. It did add some depth to my characters(a lot to Phineas) that I hadn’t thought much about and also let me play with RPing which I don’t get to do often/ever. 

Enjoy his art on my characters and also please check out his art. 

Artist Appreciation # 2- PsyDoktor 
Links: Tumblr (x) DeviantArt (x) Weasyl (x)

Psy’s been a really great friend over these years and has always been like the #1 fan with her commitment of knowing my cast. I was actually amazed that she knew some small stuff I only mentioned once before and figured no one would remember. 
I really do enjoy knowing someone has this kind of love to my cast that they actually took time to really know about how they think. 
It’s really true that it only takes knowing just one person showing love to your stuff will keep you pushing and never giving up. :D Don’t need a big fanbase, just knowing someone out there cares is enough. 

Her style has always been one I enjoy since she’s always looking up references and tutorials to keep improving her style and coloring. It’s always fun seeing what she tries out next or really just her posting anything is great.  
She’s has a cool bunch of characters, both pokemon and OCs. I love them. :3

Enjoy her art on my characters and please check out her art. Thank you. 

Last week sketches 1/2 (other ones uploaded tomorrow)

I felt like Ezskar needed more love. :B
Just mainly drawing in a pretty small sketch book. Like, Razor and the 3 headshots are the size of the sketch book. It’s pretty small and pushes for more half body pics, which I do need to do more over full body so much. 
Full bodies could only fit chibis. 
Mainly was just trying to have a focus, so I did mess up a bit, but still feel these are worth posting. 

Ezskar gives no F’s cause Baha and Psy said so. 

Be back uploading tomorrow

I decided to just take a week break from posting here due to…stuff. I’ll be posting both the 10th and 15th artist appreciation tomorrow and finish up darkening sketches from the week away.
I did keep up drawing daily, but my motivation to post was too dead to care to post. 

I still feel pretty stagnant in my work, but oh well.   I forgot how to draw Phineas. XD 

hunterbahamut asked: For Nix: In what ways might they be overly negative and/or pessimistic?

Just talk about her race’s past. She isn’t happy with the stuff they did long ago. 

krabby-weiner asked: What was the biggest mistake trask ever made?

Trask’s biggest mistake was speaking up/speaking his mind to a higher up. Just helped fuel his motives more. 



Eee! He’s adorable! Thank you so much! :D 



Eee! He’s adorable! Thank you so much! :D 

victni asked: What does Esksar overreact to?

He kinda overreacts to many things, but talk about his pink fur and he’ll take it the wrong way no matter what.