Ref Commission for Yark-Wark!


Oh man! Oh man! You did so awesome on Ezskar! I love this ref for him. :D 
Thank you SO much! Ez has a proper ref sheet now! 

Wanted to doodle my fav Bowser minion. Seriously, I love Lakitu. Spammed him in MK7. Need MK8 for him and Larry. 

Wanted to doodle my fav Bowser minion. Seriously, I love Lakitu. Spammed him in MK7. Need MK8 for him and Larry. 

Some recent doodles of my Deviant Crossing character, Elliot. 
Bottom two are just him in other styles for fun.


Real-cat Sparks


Sparks as a normal cat is…different. XD Guess cause his early designs he was a monkey/some demon back then. 
I love this! 


With recent incoming Gnar, I remembered that Sparks and Bucky both have sort of monstrous forms as well. In addition they are both sorta related in the fact they are both cats.


Yeah. These cats are more in common then I first thoughts. XD Bucky still has a cooler secret though. 


Debonaire Ez


I can’t believe I fell for this when you first typed this. XD


Commission for Yark-Wark

OMG! Phin is your style is just awesome! Seriously love this.
Was a blast watching this from start to finish. 

Hopefully be posting art towards end of week (+other news)

Yeah, come from vacation to a 40 hour shift and very sure I’ll have another next week cause everyone is taking their vacations right now. I’ll be a tad inactive and probs playing Tales of Xillia new game+. I got very addicted to this game. 

Other news got a phone call on my heart result…yay I have an abnormality, but they said it wasn’t major. I’ll get the full info next Thursday at my appointment. 
Eh, could have been worst.
On that note, I am feeling better now. Pain is much less and only had pain for a little bit yesterday. 

I will try to do more cintiq doodles to get more use to digital drawing cause I have been enjoying it. I am feeling fan art though cause it’s my “I can’t draw original art right now” fixer.
I’ll post some commissions from people later this week too.  

Desktop is still down and the power source is being sent back to company for a new one. Hope to have it back up at end of month, if not sooner.


Testing out Blue’s watercolor style! Looks fun to play around with!

HOLY MUDKIPS! I was not expecting Psy art! And it’s Psy art of my character. O^O *hugs* 
Wow, that  watercolor style is really sweet and I am honored you used Sparks as a test subject. I can’t wait to see more of you doing this color style. 
Thanks so much, Psy! I love that pose. Water cat attack! 

Aww that is awesome.
Curses to him beating Sparks at drinking smoothies fast though. Brain freeze so evil. 


Yes, teamprototype, yes Sparks butt

Well then. ._. Spider, you’re evil. XD 


Some gift art to Yark of her character Buzz.

Oh my goodness. What a surprise! 
Thanks so much on these Baha. Man, Buzz is getting a lot of love. He’s adorable in your style. X3 


Character belongs to Yarkwark !
Air care ?

Buzz is a good little Healer. He loves taking care of hurt birdies and making them well. X3 I love his outfit! 
Thanks like always dude! Loving all my characters in this style. 

Two pokemon inverted sketches to end the night.

I haven’t done an inverted sketch in awhile, so here’s Iggy Koopa cause who doesn’t like Iggy? He’s my 2nd fav Koopaling with Larry first. 

Added a little color so his wand doesn’t blend in.