shout out to people who reblog my art

it’s like when you doodle something and your mom puts it up on the fridge except it’s the internet

This is more needed to be rebloged on here then on my reblog hell account. Thanks much. :D


A lil Bucky on Sparks’s face


Bucky! Stop! You’re doing that thing you do again.


More Nilla Science with teamprototype

Now with Max+Phineas Hybrids

Tero and Nilla are NOT allowed to have Science parties again. Stuff like this happen and Phineas and Max gotta deal with it. :C
That is a cute hybrid of them though.
Tero would be laughing, internally, during this whole thing.

(I can’t believe all this happened when I was watching LCS last night)


Nilla gets to meet the characters of teamprototype - this will be fun

Great, now Phineas is an experiment for her. DX He’s gets all the “fun”, eh?
I am really loving two headed Phineas. It just feels right with him…in a twisted sort of way.


Ezskar n “Bufferfish” doin a thing, I’ll let teamprototype fill in the story details

This is what happens when a black market weapons dealer offers his goods to a bad guy like Ezskar. Ez is fully interested in these weapons makes his goal so much more easier, hopefully. 
He would be a returning customer for sure.

(ffff I suck at being on the spot making stuff)


Felt like doodling yark-wark's character Phineas and at an extreme angle just because! :D

Oh wicked! That is some cool angle work on Phin, Scruff. What a lovely surprise after getting off work this morning. X3 Thankies!


A random sketch that I finally finished and cleaned up.

This is an idea that’s been in my head for a while now, ever since Yark did it first, so this is my take on a evil/doppelganger of Phineas.
I always seem to enjoy the concept of evil twins or doppelgangers of characters, and Evil-Phin (Saenihp?) seemed like such an interesting idea.  Not knowing the circumstances of the accident, I’m not sure what happened to Phineas or Evil-Phin, but the circumstances had to have been dastic enough to cause this kind of shift, and the idea of Evil-Phin on Eszkar’s side is kinda interesting and terrifying (my own ideas/head canons though had the terrifying thought of Evil-Phin actually being a partner/ally with Tumahab).

I see Evil-Phin as being quieter and much colder, having much less remorse for some of the darker or more destructive things he does; he’s intelligent, but will not shy away to let instincts take over.I can also see his robotic hand working kind like the hand weapon on the Guren Mk-II from Code Geass, being this huge clawed weapon but also having a terrifying explosive blast in it as well.

Fun seeing an concept I did awhile ago get some love. :D Really loving your idea with Evil Phineas here. Phin’s mind going off the deep end would be quite an interesting idea for sure.
You always make sure fun ideas with my characters. Thanks much. X3 


Sparks ref commission for yark-wark! :D

Thanks so much on this dude. You did great on Sparks. X3 
3 ref sheets by other down. Two more to go/find.


I pondered the idea of Elliott and Rio starting a pizza place called “Street Pizza~ Pizzeria”


Making pizzas and cleaning the place up the best he can would be Elliot’s job here for sure.
Those uniforms. :D


Sparks is jelly of Elliott’s Big buggu


Sparks will be hi-jacking this beetle today. k thx.


Elliott was trying to catch some more bugs n collectables and went horribly wrong. Rio then carrying him home because that dillo hide givin no fucks about bees.


I swear if Elliot’s dad saw this he would be saying “He should have listen to me about treating bee stings.”
Rio is happy to not be squishy to stings.

Colored these while test running a new site to stream on cause LS blows. All went well on the stream. 

Here’s a colored version of last night’s post, as well as normal Sparks in that “draw in another style” as well. I seriously had a blast with these and been feeling back in an art mood.  
I hope to keep feeling good drawing again. :D 

Desktop is back up. Sadly, it’s still a bit dancing on overheating, but doing fine for the time being. (100% back playing League of Legends. How I missed it)
Got my drawing spot back due to this, so tried a “draw in another style” thing to help loosen myself up. This was really fun plus monster Sparks was fun to try this on.

I still need to bold the lines more and add some details, so I’ll add color to this later in the week. 


Elliott ( teamprototype ) sometimes gets a little overzealous about his bug hunting, trampling over Rio’s poor garden.

But see, they made up and stayed good buds :D

Yep, Elliot is a bit distracted when he’s got his eye on something. Least he tries to fix anything he broke/messed up afterwards. :D He doesn’t wanna make others feel bad fully. 
His bad, Rio. 


Wonder what these two are up to? Watchin clouds, fireworks, or is Rio pointing out a butterfly in the distance?

elliott- teamprototype

I vote cloud watching and Elliot is thinking about what insect the cloud looks like. :D